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Creating Value with Social Video

Retailers are in a constant battle for the attention of their consumers and continue to search for new ways to connect with them.  Now, more than ever, e-commerce retailers are taking advantage of social media outlets to ensure their brand message is being heard. … Read On »

Accountable Social Video: The Nutrisystem Story at the 2012 Video Commerce Summit

I recently spoke with Christine Monaghan, VP E-Commerce Product Management at Nutrisystem, about how her company is fusing social to video to help members be accountable for their decisions and support others to make real life changes.… Read On »

9 YouTube video SEO Tips and tricks for better ranking

As a follow-up to last week’s post on video SEO, this week we take a deep dive into how to optimize your videos for YouTube. It goes without saying that every e-commerce site should be on YouTube.… Read On »

Using video to add oomph to frequently asked questions

Most e-commerce sites include a frequently asked questions (FAQs) page or section to help their website visitors make buying decisions. When FAQs are well organized, simple, skimmable and reflect the questions that visitors really do ask frequently, they can be enormously helpful to shoppers.… Read On »

Defining your e-commerce video strategy with Kevin Edwards

Kevin Edwards, Video Aptitude I recently had the opportunity to interview Kevin Edwards, Co-Founder of Video Aptitude based in San Francisco and Los Angeles. With video becoming an increasingly important component of product marketing and merchandising, we got together to talk about video strategy and considerations for online retailers just getting into video.… Read On »