Tell Your Products to “Get a Life”


In this world of mass markets, mass communication, and information at the speed of light, your product is more than just a brand. The good ones develop such a powerful identity that in many ways they come to life.

Now, look at what life is about. The real parts – the parts that make it our own, make us do what we do, and what people think about us.

Life is Interactive.

Real conversations happen in real time. The best happen in person. If you have something to tell someone, you tell them and get their reaction immediately. If they ask a question, you answer. If they like what they hear, they share in your excitement, and even share with their friends.

In sales, we see this in the store when talking to a sales person. Despite the tools and technology created for sales, nothing replaces the social experience, clarity gained, and even emotion that happens in real life interaction.

Life is Exciting.

Christmas. Vacation. A baby on the way. So much of the experience is about the anticipation. It’s exciting. It makes conversation and sets the foundation for the experience or event itself. And what happens after these events? You want to show it to everyone to get them as excited as you are and join in the experience.

Life is Harsh

Feedback and correction can hurt the ego. But it makes us better. Unless you are wearing socks and sandals, you probably understand the necessity of this process.

The same goes with your products. Every piece of information or consumer feedback can shape your success – from product launch to keeping your core products relevant over time.

Life is Live.

If life is live, shouldn’t your products be? If you want your product to take on a life of its own, you need it to have the same qualities that make your life great. Make your product interactive and exciting, and learn to profit from the immediate feedback you receive.  For your product to to truly live, you need a Live Product Communication platform that combines live video, live interaction, and e-commerce tools to create an in-store, real life shopping experience – online.

Brandlive is the leading solution for Live Product Communication. Retailers and brands leverage the platform to create highly engaging online events for their products. With a focus on combining product sales and online shopping with the things that make life great, Brandlive’s turnkey solution results in increased customer conversions and lower product communication costs.