The Buzz around video at IRCE

irceVideo was a hot topic at the 10th annual IRCE event held in Chicago, Illinois earlier this month. Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, Chairman & Founder of Joyus, gave a keynote on How the Video Experience is Transforming the Way People Shop, and Internet Retailer also featured a dedicated video workshop in the pre-show session.

One of the recurring themes I heard from attendees was “we need video” or “we need to do video better.” The inevitable follow up question was always “how can you help?” Of course, there are various ways Liveclicker’s VideoCommerce solution can help e-retailers grow and develop their video programs, however the facets that seemed to resonate most with attendees were:

  • Video SEO
  • Device compatibility
  • Analytics

Video SEO

seo1Let’s talk video SEO – it’s a well known fact that video content generates great SEO value, but it also can be this mysterious black box. Retailers are publishing their content to YouTube and their product pages, and then hoping they will see an increase in traffic to their site. It is a little more complex than that… VideoCommerce will do the majority of the heavy lifting to get your videos ranked  high in search results and here’s how:

  • You’ll have access to a video management system to keep all of your videos organized with corresponding tags, meta descriptions, call to action links and transcripts
  • We will build, host and maintain a video gallery that is fully optimized for SEO and points traffic directly to your site
  • We generate and submit video sitemaps for the aforementioned gallery AND your main site
  • We will help you easily and dynamically publish videos across all levels of your site

I often say to retailers that there is no silver bullet when it comes to SEO. It’s many little pieces working together to get the desired result. Why not utilize the VideoCommerce tools for video SEO, so you can spend less time optimizing your content and more time creating videos?

Device Compatibility

compatibleFor retailers who have tried to host their videos in house, device compatibility is a big issue. With more mobile devices, tablets, operating systems, browsers and browser versions being introduced every day, it’s a daunting task to try and keep up with it all. Fortunately, Liveclicker has solved that problem:


  • Upon uploading a video to VideoCommerce, the file is encoded in several different file formats
  • Liveclicker technology detects where the video is being played and will dynamically serve the compatible version of the video
  • Liveclicker developers continue to innovate as new technologies are introduced so you never have to worry about a broken user experience


dashLastly, now that there is concrete understanding among the retail industry that video is an effective medium to sell more products, there has been a shift in focus from “does video work?” to “how can we get it to work best?”  Now the industry needs to know, which videos are the most effective and why. The VideoCommerce analytics suite gives retailers a comprehensive look at:

  • How long users watch each video
  • Revenue, conversion, $/play and average order value for each video
  • Comparisons between different types of videos and A/B testing
  • Specific warehouse reports detailing all the videos watched before a purchase

It was exciting to see first-hand the e-Commerce buzz around video at IRCE. I had many conversations with retailers who understand the value of video in e-Commerce. It’s apparent that appetites are growing for video – with retailers and their consumers.