Top 4 Video Marketing Innovations of 2013


Every video marketer wants to know what new tactics and tools will give them an edge over the competition.  Innovation is what moves video commerce forward and keeps it effective. At this year’s 2013 Video Commerce Summit, industry leaders, Andrew Delaney, Director of Content at Getty Images, Ryan Phelan, VP Strategic Service at Acxiom, and Jessica Thorpe, Director of Marketing at EXPO, discussed “the cool stuff you should be doing that you never heard of” and divulged the top 4 video marketing innovations outlined below.

1. Octocopter

Octocopter_with_nikonOne video marketing tool that is making revolutionary changes to art of video production is the “octocopter”.  Getty Images’ Director of Content, Andrew Delaney, advocated the “octocopter” as one of the years’ most innovative video marketing advancements.   This remote control operated miniature helicopter is able to capture high resolution footage on a moving platform with a high level of stability.  Using a GoPro camera device allows the “octocopter” to capture rare footage that no other device is capable of catching.   The swooping shots, depicted in the video below, offer viewers a fresh perspective of extremely well-known landscapes that can give a cool effect to your product and branding videos.


2. Hyperlapse

It’s no secret that timelapse video production has become very popular over the last couple of years.  Video production experts have continued to push the creative envelope with the development of “hyperlapse” video.  Unlike the timelapse – a video made up of individual images edited together to simulate the passing of time – a “hyperlapse” adds movement.  The photographer moves the camera between each exposure, which gives the viewer the experience of traveling through a location. As you can see in the video below,  “hyperlapse” provides a modern way of illustrating the passing of time while traveling long distances.


3. VideoEmail


Beyond innovative video production tactics, new video in email practices and solutions are making a huge impact on the video marketing industry.  Axciom’s Ryan Phelan admits that while email may not be the flashiest way to communicate with your audience, it still remains the primary conduit of communication for B2B and B2C organizations. Knowing how to successfully leverage your email program with video can increase engagement rates and product exposure.  To do this, Ryan, recommended using Liveclicker’s innovative solution, VideoEmail.  VideoEmail provides a simple yet powerful solution marketers can use to embed videos that play back directly in the inbox. The tool automatically detects the email client of the email recipient and then serves up the appropriate video version. The key advantage in using VideoEmail is the ability to retain your existing relationship with your trusted email service provider or marketing services agency – no switching or technical integration is required beyond a simple copy and paste of code into your html template.  VideoEmail brings your email messages to life and creates a more dynamic inbox experience. This solution is changing the video marketing industry as we know it and demystifying the practice of using video in email.

4. Crowdsourcing

The final innovative video marketing practice that has been making waves throughout the industry is crowdsourcing.  Crowdsourced content is collected by companies to create fun product videos that resonate with well with audiences.  EXPO Marketing Director, Jessica Thorpe, expressed that crowdsourced videos increase consumer trust and loyalty.  User generated video is the best source of truth, and it prompts consumers to take action after watching.  When used correctly, crowdsourcing can be an extremely effective and innovative marketing practice.  The commercial below is a perfect example of how Pepsi combined several hundred crowdsourced photographs to create a unique super bowl ad.


If you are not already using these innovative video marketing practices and technologies in your own video program, now is the time to take action.  Implementing these innovations can help keep you ahead of the video marketing curve.

Craving more video commerce tips?  Watch this and all of the 2013 Video Commerce Summit session recordings on-demand and stayed tuned for next week’s post on creating social value with online video.