Upcoming Webinar: Integrating Video into Your Omni-channel Retail Strategy

webianrLiveclicker is hosting an exclusive webinar on omni-channel video marketing next Wednesday, April 30th at 10:30AM PST. The webinar, entitled “Integrating Video into Your Omni-channel Retail Strategy,” will be presented by Justin Foster, Liveclicker’s VP Market Development, and Ben Kopetti, Liveclicker’s Director of Account Development.

The essence of omni-channel retail is creating a consistent and engaging experience at every step of the customer lifecycle whether on the web, on a mobile device, in-store, or in an email.  Shoppers are also now expecting video in multiple channels whether it’s specific product videos, how-to videos, category videos, or brand videos, there are multiple customer touch points in the sales funnel for each.

To learn what types of videos work best in all of your marketing channels join Justin and Ben as they explain how to best integrate video into your omni-channel retail strategy.

In this webinar you will:

  • Examine real life case studies of successful omni-channel video programs
  • Learn best practices for distributing video into different marketing channels
  • Learn what types of videos work best for each channel

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