Using video to add oomph to frequently asked questions

video faqsMost e-commerce sites include a frequently asked questions (FAQs) page or section to help their website visitors make buying decisions. When FAQs are well organized, simple, skimmable and reflect the questions that visitors really do ask frequently, they can be enormously helpful to shoppers.

How can you make them even better? By adding video where appropriate, of course!

Video can transform dry, copy-heavy FAQs into content that is more engaging and more instructive then text and pictures alone. So when putting together your online video marketing program, consider going beyond product and branding videos to include videos that answer questions your visitors commonly have.

4 ways to use video faqs

  1. To respond to key questions before the sale
    When your target audience is looking for answers to a few, simple questions before hitting the “Buy” button, use video to respond to their needs. For example, a video showing how to take your measurements could be the ideal complement to the traditional clothing sizing chart.

    Crutchfield Electronics, one of the nation’s leading catalog and internet retailers of consumer electronics, has shot dozens of videos aimed at matching shoppers with products to suit their needs. Better yet, they incorporate those videos right into their product pages where the shopper is contemplating a purchase:

    Crutchfield Electronics

    UK online nursery and baby supplier, Kiddicare responds to real customers questions with videos within their online community, and their FAQs section also has video and text responses:


  2. To provide after-sales service
    Once you’ve made the sale, use video to show how your customers how easy it is for them to get the most out of their purchase, or exchange or return an item if it doesn’t quite meet their expectations.

    Bags and accessories retailer, eBags has long been using product videos to increase website conversions. More recently they’ve begun adding videos to their Help Center to offer better customer service:

    eBags Help Center

    IKEA’s furniture can be diabolically difficult to assemble using their printed instructions (as I know from hard experience). But now thanks to their new video series, customers can refer to assembly instruction videos instead of, or in addition to, the printed versions:

    IKEA how to build video series

  3. To show you’re listening to customer concerns
    If you’ve researched your customers’ needs and preferences, use a video FAQ to show them you’re addressing their concerns, or even to issue a customer apology in the case of a public relations crisis.

    After Domino’s discovered that consumers were comparing their pizza crust to cardboard, they created a video showing how they’ve responded to their critics, along with an ongoing video series of them engaging with real customers:

    Domino's Pizza turnaround

  4. To reassure visitors that their questions aren’t out of the ordinary
    Video FAQs can show website visitors that others are asking the same questions that they are. This works well for health concerns, such as in the example below.

    Many mothers are concerned about the impact of vaccinations on their child’s health. Educational organization Every Child By Two tackles possible objections head on with video responses from experts in the fields of immunization and autism:

    Vaccinate Your Baby


  • Instead of creating something brand new, think about how you support your customers now through customer care, tech support, sales reps, how to’s etc. How can you employ video to better those solutions and support?
  • If you’ve been in business for a while, then you likely know what your customers’ top questions or complaints are. Create videos that address those questions or complaints, or incorporate recorded video chat into your online FAQ section.
  • While a video FAQ isn’t a sales page per se, be sure to match your site’s tone and when possible, highlight the benefits of your company.
  • At the end of the FAQ video, make sure you include a call to action to guide prospects along. Tell them how they can get more details, talk to a sales rep, or make a purchase.