VCC Radio Interview: Rob Hughes from Brewster Inc.

Last Thursday, I had the great pleasure of interviewing Rob Hughes from Brewster Inc., which operates among other properties.

Although isn’t a typical ‘durable goods’ retail site because it exists in the travel vertical, the model Rob and the team at Brewster Inc. have developed around video commerce is not only innovative; it could apply to a wide spectrum of e-commerce business models.  For example, they’ve figured out the following:

– How to maintain a single brand voice across their suppliers and product videos
– How to help fund their video production efforts by working with partners
– How to incorporate SEO techniques into their video presence to drive awareness
– How to incorporate interactivity into the video viewing experience

They’re also a very metrics-driven organization and have demonstrated that ‘video works.’ I found Rob’s opinions and analysis of what makes video commerce tick quite insightful. Enjoy, and as always –

Happy Selling!