Video commerce at eTail

etail logoIt’s now been two weeks since Liveclicker attended the eTail West show in San Antonio.  I thought it would be valuable to our readers if I shared some of the key video takeaways I pulled from the show.  As someone who has watched video evolve in retail over the last six years, hopefully my thoughts will hold some insight:

  • The video commerce industry is visibly maturing.  There are fewer conversations with retailers about proving the value of video in order to justify an initial investment.  Retailers in general are now seeking ways to optimize and grow video.  This is a good thing, as it means consumers have now reached a place where video is simply an expected part of the online shopping experience, rather than a nice bell or whistle.
  • Video commerce solutions are sorely needed in the retail industry.  Retailers have distinct needs when it comes to video.  Hence, retailers have special requirements when it comes to their video platform partners and providers.  Automated site publishing/distribution to social channels, e-commerce centric video analytics, and SEO are among the top needs of a video commerce technology solution.  Program guidance/management and consulting are also in demand on the service side.
  • Competition is growing – but it’s a good thing.  Liveclicker was the early innovator in the video commerce industry.  As one of the founders of the company, I can remember the very early days – way back in 2008 – when I was on sales calls explaining to prospective clients how video was going to be a transformational force in e-commerce.  That was before video had been adopted beyond a handful of retail sites.  Today, more sites use video.  As a result, more video platform vendors are entering the space.  While I generally view competition as a good sign of a healthy industry, attending eTail made me realize at a more acute level that Liveclicker needs to stay on its toes and continue along its path of innovation in order to stay ahead.  It was great to be able to demonstrate our new e-commerce video player, MobileStudio video production automation, and deep e-commerce video analytics.  These are the kinds of innovations that are bringing real value to retail video programs today.  But tomorrow – who knows.  If there’s one lesson here, it’s that it’s important to remain nimble and adaptable in a rapidly-changing industry.

Liveclicker will next be exhibiting/attending two of our partner shows, the Magento Imagine conference in Las Vegas, and the IBM SmarterCommerce conference in Tampa.  Hope to see you there!