Talking Video Commerce at Tesla Motors w/ former EVP & GM

Just got back from an event hosted by TheFunded at Tesla Motors in Palo Alto.  The event is designed for entrepreneurs of startup companies, and I have to say the energy was pretty awesome – always inspirational to be around people that have big ideas working hard to make them realities.  It just made me want to blog, goshdarnit!

Frank Han - One Smart Dude.

Frank Han - One Smart Dude.

While there, I met Frank Han, former EVP & GM at, Founder of, Co-Founder of eToys and SVP of Caesars Entertainment.  Frank is currently an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Redpoint Ventures & Greylock Partners, busy thinking of The Next Big Thing.  Which brings me to Video Commerce.  Our conversation was wide-ranging, wandering from the promise of retail video distribution, to live video streaming online in a retail setting (pure-play and multi-channel) to new retail startups moving into video or planning to, and other new tech startups working on the problem of how to make video work in different ways for commerce applications. Finally, what really excited me was the general discussion of how video has the potential to transform the norm for shopping experiences online – meaning video has the potential to be much more than just another tool in the toolbox, but in fact, could represent an entirely different paradigm for the e-retail experience.  At the end of the conversation, I felt super pumped and inspired about the future of video.  There’s a lot of experimentation and innovation going on now in this space.  We’re all lucky to be involved in video commerce.  Together we are really inventing the future of video for e-commerce!