Video Commerce = SmarterCommerce

IBM-Smarter-CommerceEarlier this month, Liveclicker enjoyed an exciting opportunity to represent e-commerce video and our company’s video commerce platform at IBM’s SmarterCommerce conference in Tampa, Florida. I was [and am] amped by the opportunity to partner with IBM. But… why? IBM is huge and stodgy; Liveclicker moves at lightning-speed in comparison. I’m certainly not under any delusion that a partnership such as this translates into overnight success.

Rather, I have learned over the years that flawless platform integrations clearly communicate value to e-commerce merchants. The value speaks for itself; SmarterCommerce is a great stage to showcase the value of Liveclicker/IBM integrations.

Imagine the value of a totally connected e-commerce platform, web analytics tool, and e-commerce video solution:

  • Seamlessly publish video content instantly and directly to product, brand, category, and collection pages – from an easy-to-use and powerful SaaS UI, regardless of specific site customizations already in place.
  • Click an “add to cart” button within a video player in a retail video gallery or a socially shared player on Facebook, then automatically update the shopping cart on an e-commerce site.
  • Enable transmission of video view data, including engagement and interaction metrics, and seamlessly feed these metrics to a web analytics tool to allow for attribution of video-sourced revenue within an omni-channel marketing strategy.
  • Without a doubt, the benefits of a connected video program may not seem sexy on the surface. Yet these benefits are massively important to ongoing success. That’s why Liveclicker has invested and will continue to invest resources into partners like IBM. The future of e-commerce is all about creating connected ecosystems of solutions. Liveclicker is excited to help usher in this new era with its partners.