Video Commerce Success Step 1: Create Compelling Video Content

webinarA couple weeks ago, Liveclicker hosted the exclusive webinar: 5 Steps to Video Commerce Success.  In this webinar, eBags’ President and COO, Rob Cassidy, and Liveclicker’s VP Market Development, Justin Foster, teamed up to discuss the 5 steps every retailer should take to achieve maximum ROI with video. The first step of five is outlined below:


Create Compelling video Content


The first thing retailer’s need to consider when building a successful video program is creating compelling video content.  Often times video programs tend to become myopic -- using the same type of video over and over again, instead of creating video content that spans the entire customer lifecycle.

Rob suggested e-commerce retailers be flexible when it comes to their choice of video content and to focus on the three points below:

  1. Tell a story that engages your viewer
  2. Find the types of video that will get you the most ROI
  3. Explore ways to curate content

eBags strives to produce videos that resonate with viewers throughout the customer journey. The “Return Process” video below has nothing to do with product, but it generated 195K in revenue and is one of the highest converting videos on their site, at 16% conversion rate. It answers the question that many customers have and provides the confidence to purchase.


Eastern Mountain Sports also knows how to leverage compelling video content on their site. Even though this “how-to” video far exceeds the average viewer’s attention span,  51% of viewers that start watching this video, finish watching this video. EMS understands their customers and produces video content that customers actually want to see.


For more examples and to hear Rob and Justin in action watch the entire webinar on-demand or review all 5 steps in the Liveclicker whitepaper.

Also, be sure to check in next week for information on the second step to video commerce success: “Conduct A/B Testing”.