Video Commerce Success Step 3: Focus Efforts on SEO and Distribution

webinarToday I will be continuing my 5 part blog series of last month’s webinar, “5 Steps to Video Commerce Success” featuring Justin Foster, Liveclicker VP Market Development, and Robb Cassidy, eBags President and COO. EBags and other IR Top 500 retailers understand the importance and impact a successful video SEO and distribution strategy can have on their video program. Below, I highlighted some video SEO tricks and best practices covered in Step 3: Focus Efforts on SEO and Distribution.

Step #3: Focus Efforts on SEO and Distribution

Screenshot 2Brookstone is among the many retailers who know what submitting a Google sitemap for all of your product/category videos can do to improve video SEO. In the example to the right, you see Google search results for the generic item, “watch winders.”   Brookstone’s “Watch Winders” category video is the first item to pop-up on Google’s search engine. This video not only immediately entices viewers to click, but also takes them directly to Brookstone’s e-commerce store.

screenshot 1Justin encouraged retailers to utilize video SEO as a “secret weapon” to challenge larger competitors. In the example to the right, you can see that the first results when doing a Google search for “massage chair” are promoted by huge retailers like Amazon and Walmart. Brookstone once again combats this by ensuring that their category video is the first video thumbnail displayed, increasing their exposure and click-through rates.

For more tips and tricks on video commerce success read my next post on step number four: “Dive Into Video Analytics.” You can also access the entire webinar and white paper on demand!