Video Commerce Success Step #5: Use A Video Solution Designed For E-commerce Success

5 steps yoOnline retailers often struggle with the idea of building an e-commerce video program because of how daunting and time-consuming the task can be. The good news is that there are video commerce solutions that are specifically designed to combat these struggles and simplify the whole process. Today, I will address the final step in my “5 Steps to Video Commerce Success” series and highlight what to look for in a video solution. Below, I outlined some advice shared by Justin Foster, Liveclicker VP Market Development, and Robb Cassidy, eBags President and COO in the “5 Steps to Video Commerce Success” webinar this past March.



Step #5: Use a Video Solution Designed for E-commerce Success

Having the right tools and experts at your disposal is extremely important when building and optimizing a video strategy. It is important to find a video solution that helps to enable and grow success in creating compelling content, A/B testing, distribution and SEO, and e-commerce performance measurement.

A video solution centered on e-commerce performance must include the ability to:

  •  Track e-commerce analytics with a fully customizable e-commerce video player
  •  Automate video distribution and video SEO
  •  A/B test and compare videos across custom fields like video type, length, brand, etc.
  • Access expert coaching for personalized best practice recommendations
  • Be easily used by your internal team to create, manage and deliver every aspect of the video experience

Rob made the following statement in regards to the Liveclicker VideoCommerce Platform:

We use Liveclicker to manage our video assets. The company renders our video on the site, handles our social distribution and provides a huge array of analytics so we can see how our videos are performing. Liveclicker has been able to provide not only a robust architecture, but great technical expertise and coaching along the way. We like the one-stop-shop component of Liveclicker — we can bring many various types of content together in the Liveclicker portal.

Ultimately, investing in a video commerce solution that enhances the shopping experience can mean the difference between converting consumers and losing them to the competition. The good news is retailers don’t have to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in studio equipment, professionally produced content and high-priced consultants to bring about desired results. Rather, by carefully curating content, testing and tweaking the approach, optimizing content for search, performing deep-dive analytics and using a video solution designed for e-commerce success, today’s retailers can implement a successful video commerce strategy.

If you are interested in hearing the webinar for yourself, you can access the recording and slide deck, as well as the complete library of the Liveclicker webinars on-demand. You can also read the entire Liveclicker white paper, “5 Steps to Video Commerce Success” here.