Webinar Recap: Integrating Video into Your Omni-channel Retail Strategy

webinarOmni-channel marketing can be an effective way of solidifying  your brand identity and spreading awareness, but only if you have the right strategy. It is important to keep your messages consistent and in line with your brand throughout your marketing channels, and adding video is an easy way to achieve that. Last Wednesday, Liveclicker hosted the webinar: Integrating Video Into Your Omni-channel Retail Strategy. Throughout the webinar, Justin Foster, Liveclicker VP Market Development, and Ben Kopetti, Liveclicker Director of Account Development, discussed and displayed several examples of online retailers who have successfully implemented video content into a variety of marketing channels. I have outlined some of these examples below:

Homepage Video

BuckleThe Buckle offers an anamorphic experience with its wide frame, cinematic homepage video. Viewers are immediately engaged – they are not just seeing a t-shirt, they are seeing a t-shirt in an inviting vacation beach setting. This video grabs the audience’s attention as soon as they enter the site.

 Product Page Video


eBags has successfully implemented video onto several of their product pages. In this example, eBags displays an excellent video call out and has also placed their video player directly inline with the “Add to Cart” button. This simplifies the viewing process and drives prospective customers to purchase immediately.


“How-to” Video


eBags also uses “how-to” videos in their omni-channel marketing strategy. One of their most successful videos, “How to Return Items,” effectively communicates eBags return policy and resonates much better with customers than an entire page of text. With this information viewers are more confident shoppers and are more likely to buy.


Video in Email


Beachbody leverages video in several of their email campaigns. This has proven to be extremely effective for them to show the results of their workout program and spread product awareness with real life case studies. Viewers are immediately engaged upon opening their email and far more likely to click-through to the website.


 TV Ad

Beats Pill PoppinBestBuy not only integrates video onto their website, but also in general television. They entice potential customers with TV ads and have them readily available to watch on YouTube.  Leveraging television ads combined with YouTube increases brand awareness and ensures you are exposing your products to as many people as possible.


Video in Search Results

Watch WinderTo drive traffic to your product pages and videos,  it is important to utilize video SEO best practices when posting your videos to your website. Brookstone has successfully done this with their Watch Winders video. By submitting a Video Sitemap to Google and using other SEO strategies, you increase the instances of having  your video thumbnail pop-up on search results.  The thumbnail makes your brand more competitive with other search results by providing a visual element over just plain text, and taking up more page space.

Direct Mail


Retailers are now promoting video in their direct mailing advertisements as well. Costco offers a perfect example of a well executed video marketing campaign in direct mail. Costco sends out monthly coupons which include a “watch this video online” call to action for each product. This drives the customer to the Costco website.

In Store Video


Bestbuy does a great job of promoting video everywhere including in-store. They display their “Deals of the Week” videos on their website, in email, and in store, getting as much exposure as possible while keeping a consistent message.



Viral Branding Video


A great way to spread brand awareness is to post your videos on YouTube, and share them on Facebook and other social channels. Dollar Shave Club proved extremely successful with their comical “Our Bladed Are F***ing Great” video. The video was made for the sole purpose of being shared and creating buzz for increased brand awareness.  With over 14 million views, the video proved how effective a single branding video can be.


Mobile Video


Costco also implements video into their omni-channel marketing strategy through their mobile app. Shoppers can now easily watch videos and make purchases through their app on the go. More and more people are shopping on mobile devices, if you are not leveraging video in mobile you are ignoring a huge audience that is continuing to grow.

All of the retailers above leverage video in their omni-channel strategy, which helps keep a consistent message flowing throughout all aspects of their marketing campaign. Interested in hearing more ways to integrate video into your omni-channel retail strategy? You can hear Justin and Ben in action and access the webinar recording and slide deck on-demand.