Webinar Rundown: Top 5 Video Commerce and Performance Expectations for a Flawless Holiday Season

ecommerceEarly this August, Liveclicker’s Simon Mutlu and EdgeCast Networks‘ Dan Franklin teamed up to present a webinar on what to expect this holiday season when it comes to video commerce and site performance trends.  Below is a quick rundown of the top 5 expectations:

Top 5 Expectations for a Flawless Holiday Season  

1.  E-commerce videos will become more effective during the holiday season

An e-commerce site naturally accrues higher levels of traffic and revenue during the holiday season.  It takes less video plays to convert shoppers into buyers, and conversion rates are 25% higher because most shoppers are visiting a site with intent to buy.

Liveclicker research from the 2012 holiday season showed that each video play was more profitable:

    • The average order size rose almost a dollar
    • Revenue per play increased by an average of $2.47
    • The top 25 videos during the holiday season outperformed the top 25 videos for the year in conversion rate and revenue per play.

2.  Video production value is not the key to success

Concentrating company funds into video production is not necessarily going to get you more revenue.  Simple and to-the-point product videos generate high revenue with little production costs.

1-800 Flowers displays a perfect example of a simple, yet effective product video:

Product Video Results:

    • 10,545 plays
    • 32.3% conversion rate
    • 10.8% full plays
    • production cost ~$20

This product video simply displays a vase of sunflowers and a clock on time-lapse. Without audio, this video answers the essential question:  Will my flowers last?  The video has yielded tremendous results, proving that you do not need high production value to be successful.

3.  Your community will make videos for you

You no longer have to hire a production company to get high quality, revenue reaping product videos.  Use your e-commerce community as a segue to genuine and inexpensive product videos.

    • Source your product videos from your own customers.  User-generated video contests are a great way of identifying individuals in your customer base that are good at creating videos at a reasonable price.
    • You can also source your product videos internally from your own company. For example, Brookstone utilized Liveclicker’s iOS video production app, Mobile Studio, to allow its in-store associates to create their own product videos across the country. Internal associates are the perfect people to produce your product videos because they already possess a deep knowledge of your products.

4.  Video SEO is more important than you think

You could perfect the production and content of any e-commerce video, but if the finished product lacks proper SEO and a solid distribution plan, it will not be successful.  Following a few industry best practices will ensure your video content is easy to find on the world’s top search engines.

    • Submit your video sitemap to Google Webmaster tools. Submitting your video sitemap to Google improves the listing of your site in video search results by letting Google know about all about the rich video content on your site.
    • Index all of your video content into a video library. Give every video its own URL, metadata, key words, description, and title to make your videos easier to find in search results.

5.  Performance and speed are more important than ever

According to the New York Times,

250 milliseconds is the difference between you and your competitors for shoppers in 2012.

Avoid losing customers and ensure an excellent user experience by using a network purpose-built to handle the demands of e-commerce traffic.

EdgeCast Networks implements this practice in their latest e-commerce solution: Transact.  EdgeCast Transact is a complete PCI-compliant acceleration and optimization solution for the world’s largest online retailers.  The solution includes a variety of performance optimizations built specifically for e-commerce.

Now that you know what to expect for the holidays, and have some quick tips on how to optimize your e-commence site’s video and site performance, hopefully your online store can breeze through the holiday season with record sales.   For more helpful tips and video commerce best practices, visit the Liveclicker Resource Center.

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