Welcome to the Video Commerce Consortium Blog

All, welcome to the video commerce consortium blog.  I’m Justin Foster, founder of the VCC and let me first say how excited I am that we now have a group of e-commerce professionals, online marketers, and technologists that are coming together here to learn about and advance the use of video in e-commerce.

I’ve blogged before, but I wouldn’t call myself a hardcore blogger.  I’d really like this blog to be a valuable industry resource to complement the efforts of the video commerce consortium forum.  I’ll blog here, but we’ll also have guest bloggers from time to time.  And though I’ll try to blog regularly, no promises on posts being daily or even weekly.  When we have something cool in the world of online video to point out, we’ll post about it. 

Welcome all and I hope you can join the VCC – membership is FREE but currently limited to video commerce practitioners or would-be-practitioners only.