Which online retailers are using video?

The other day a VCC member called asking me, “Are we the only ones doing video commerce? It sure feels like it sometimes!”

In an early-stage market, it’s easy to feel like you’re going it alone.  This blog post doesn’t include a lot of commentary, but it does include a lot of links to folks in the retail space presently using video.   The included retailers in this list aren’t all necessarily doing a good job (most retailers today have barely scratched the surface when it comes to exploiting the potential of video commerce)  – but this list should illustrate some of the possibilities.   Browse the examples to see if you can find some inspiration!

P.S. – The following retailers aren’t listed in any particular order and it’s far from an all-inclusive list – mostly it was pulled from the top of my head.  Most of the examples here are of videos on product pages, though several of these folks are leveraging the assets in other ways (separate video site, affiliates, video ads, brand/cat pages, YouTube, etc).

Williams-Sonoma (shot all in-house, really helps visualize the products in action, drives conversion)

REI (excellent example of integrating video with product – blew out sales projections by 2X)

Bed Bath & Beyond (great example of leveraging video content directly from manufacturers – low cost)

CompUSA / TigerDirect (bringing product TV on the Internet to a new level)

Ice.com (known for efficient video production process)

Ross-Simons (reduces the cost of returns through video)

ShopNBC.tv (bringing the shop-at-home TV experience to the web)

ShopNBC.com (50%+ of products on-site feature video for massive increase in conversion rate)

Amway Global (building a positive web reputation for a brand with one of the world’s largest direct sales channels)

OnlineShoes.com (extending videos to slideshows, reviews, and a separate .TV channel)

Panasonic (cool experiment fusing video, e-commerce, social networking)

drugstore.com (integrating video across a .TV channel and the retail site and using video as a direct response channel)

B&H Photo/Video (invested significantly in in-house production expertise)

Amazon.com (Here’s Amazon’s Holiday Toy List.  Do you wonder how Amazon survived Q4 while your company fell flat? – kudos to Raj at Silverdock for making me aware of this.  Also check out Amazon.com’s new video widget for affiliates – thanks to VideoRetailer.org for making us aware of this)

WineExpress.com (making wine easier for regular people to understand and appreciate)

Ralph Lauren (extending the Ralph Lauren brand through RL TV – currently working on a revamp)

Karmaloop (pioneering commertainment with their “Daily Loop” micro-video)

Borders Books & Music (fusing entertainment and merchandising to create a video-centric retail paradigm)

Nike (moving to leverage brand videos online to fuse branding and commerce)

FansEdge.com (merchandising videos to bring apparel to life and drive page conversion)

David’s Bridal (taking product thumbnails to a whole new level for wedding gowns)

Buy.com (using video in the affiliate channel to increase traffic and sales, bringing TV ads online, and using merchandising videos)

Barnes & Noble (substantial investment in in-house production  for B&N “Studio” brings a new dimension to this leading bookseller)

Paul Direkt (kudos to twive.de, an excellent German blog dedicated to video commerce and ‘future shopping experiences’ for making us aware of this.  I’ve linked there and turned on Google Translate, which works well enough to “more or less” capture the spirit of the postings)

heine (again, thanks to twive.de for making us aware of this – remember, video commerce is global, not just in the USA!)

Live On Sunset (bringing live shopping online to retail)

Tool King (also using a separate presence to highlight video)

eBags (using manufacturer & self-produced videos on brand pages, product pages, and a direct response video site)

Lots of companies didn’t get included in the list above – I could easily add another twenty but just got tired of copying so many logos into the post and doing one-line writeups.  If you’d like to submit your company for a list, or think we should highlight it here on video-commerce.org, please send me an email at justin [at] video [dash] commerce [d o t] org.

Thanks again and as always…

Happy Selling!