YouTube’s Suzie Reider: Video Marketing for “Generation C”

suzie-reider This is our first blog in a series of posts covering the sessions from our 2013 Video Commerce Summit this past July.   Suzie Reider, Director of Media Solutions at Google and YouTube veteran, kicked off the Summit this year as the keynote speaker.  Below is an outline of the emerging video marketing model Suzie presented to target the rapidly growing “Generation C.”


“Generation C”

gen c What is “Generation C” you ask?  Gen C is an influential sub-sect of people composed of individuals who share a similar lifestyle and mindset, as opposed to most demographics clustered by age.  Gen C individuals live their lives in accordance with the four C’s:

  • Curation
  • Creation
  • Connection
  • Community

Although some consider this demographic young and uninfluential, the reality is

Gen C influences 500 billion dollars in spending in the United States alone, and will eventually make up 75% of the workforce.

– Suzie Reider

Suzie emphasized that you are essentially “future-proofing” your business by tapping into the Gen C audience.

Invert your marketing funnel

In the past, digital media marketers have followed a classic model for reaching their target audience.  They focus all their marketing efforts on maximum reach and frequency.  Suzie suggested inverting the marketing funnel by targeting a few key influencers to spread a message to the larger audience.  Gen C is where you can find these influencers.funnel

How to engage Gen C

Suzie outlined four main focal points to consider when reaching out to Gen C:

  • Audience – Don’t push out your message, let the audience find you.

Example: The day after every super bowl millions of Gen C individuals utilize search engines on the hunt for the “best super bowl commercial,” finding the advertising content themselves.

  • Expression – Create content, not traditional ads.

Example: Pepsi’s latest online video featured famous Nascar driver, Jeff Gordan, pranking a car salesman on a test drive.

  • Participation – You cannot control the conversation, but you can steer it.

Example: Wonderful Pistachios offers a commercial parodying the “gangum style” YouTube video, inviting other parodies and responses from viewers.

  • Signals – Launch, listen, and learn

Example: launched two different styles of product video for their new trail shoe.  They listened to the customer feedback from each video, and then learned which product video customers identify with best.

Suzie also encouraged applying a “user-choice“ marketing method.  Research shows if people are presented with a choice on which video they would like to watch, they will remember their choice better later.  YouTube currently implements TrueView for their video ads. TrueView allows viewers to skip an ad after 5 seconds.  Conversely, advertisers only have to pay for an ad when a viewer chooses to watch it.  YouTube believes this type of “user-choice” strategy will be extremely beneficial to marketers in the future. Suzie made a final point to emphasize the importance of user-generated video in brand promotion.  She cited a quote from Amazon Founder, Jeff Bezos,

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

Currently, 25% of all search results from the world’s top 20 brands are links to user-generated content. Utilizing this content is one of the most effective ways to maximize product exposure and brand awareness.

Stay tuned for more 2013 Video Commerce Summit highlights as we continue to cover summit sessions. In the meantime, you can watch Suzie Reider and the rest of the summit sessions on-demand.